2nd Momentary Lily key visual has Lily and 2 new characters at Osaka’s Dotonbori canal

While little is known about the upcoming original anime series Momentary Lily yet, we are at least getting some very pretty promo pieces for it.

The latest is the second Momentary Lily key visual, which was released earlier today, and one that features two more characters.

Those characters have joined “Lily”, and all three girls are lounging against a railing overlooking Osaka’s famous Dotonbori canal (you can even see a photograph of the original Osaka location, complete with several of the same advertisements, including the area’s famous Glico Man here).

Interestingly, the date on the clock in the key visual shows April 12th, 2024.

In the X post that featured the key visual, it also had the tag “Our daily lives are fun everywhere”.

The latest visual follows on from last month when we saw two of the girls hanging out in a spot overlooking Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

What we do know about the Momentary Lily anime so far

The few details that have been released about the original anime, which is called Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta in Japan, include Studio GoHands (The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses) as being the studio in charge of animation, and a January, 2025 premiere date.

As GoHands produces some of the best CGI animation in the industry, this one could be superb.

We also got a teaser trailer with a wild-haired Lily introducing herself (watch below), an official Momentary Lily website, and a few “pretty shots” of scenery both in a European-style city and in Japan.

And that, fans, is that.

Watch the teaser trailer, enjoy the anime’s second key visual, along with the first here.

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