2nd No Longer Allowed in Another World trailer intros new characters and sets up anime plot

2nd No Longer Allowed in Another World gives us more insight into Osamu Dazai’s personality

With just over two weeks left before the fabulous-looking isekai anime No Longer Allowed in Another World begins airing, a second full-length trailer has been released this weekend just to wet our appetites.

Along with introducing even more characters from this wonderfully quirky looking anime, the second No Longer Allowed in Another World trailer also does a good job of setting up its plot.

That plot, by the way, follows Japanese author Osamu Dazai who, in real-life committed suicide with his girlfriend way back in 1948 at the age of just 38.

In No Longer Allowed in Another World, however, Dazai commits suicide and suddenly finds himself isekai-ed into another world where magic is a thing, where anthropomorphic animals live alongside humans, and where, even though he is just trying to find a quiet place to die, things just seem to keep working out just fine for him.

The latest trailer also gives us more of a look into Dazai’s subdued and quite droll personality.

No Longer Allowed in Another World manga and the anime’s staff

The isekai comedy anime is based on the No Longer Allowed in Another World manga written by Hiroshi Noda, and illustrated by Takahiro Wakamatsu.

Seven Seas Entertainment is publishing the English language translation of the series, with five volumes already out and Volumes 6 and 7 due to be published later this year.

The anime adaptation is being directed by Shigeki Kawai (Uncle from Another World), with Yasuhiro Nakanishi (My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999) responsible for series composition, and both Tomoshige Inayoshi (Steins;Gate 0) and Asako Inayoshi (Buddy Complex) in charge of character designs and acting as chief animation directors.

Atelier Pontdarc (Ganbare, Douki-chan) is in charge of anime production.

They do wonderful work, with the only problem being that it took the studio 8 months to get 12-episode Uncle in Another World completely released.

Fingers crossed the anime studio has learned a lesson, and we won’t get a repeat of that travesty as No Longer Allowed in Another World really does look wonderful.

Watch the 2nd No Longer Allowed in Another World trailer below, and admit, doesn’t this one look positively intriguing?


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