A Galaxy Next Door trailer shows how interesting life will get for Ichiro now Shiori is in his life

Gido Amagakure’s romantic comedy manga A Galaxy Next Door (Otonari ni Ginga) is getting an anime adaptation, and I could not be happier.

After all, if you are looking for a sweet, calm, lovely love story with likeable characters and a relaxing plot, the A Galaxy Next Door anime is very likely to hit that spot.

Japanese entertainment website Comic Natalie reported the upcoming anime adaptation earlier today, along with the first A Galaxy Next Door trailer and a gorgeous key visual.

That new A Galaxy Next Door key visual features protagonist, mangaka Ichiro, and Shiori the new assistant who suddenly arrives in his life (see below) looking longingly at each other as they pass by.

The anime’s cast includes Taku Yashiro, who is voicing Ichiro Kuga, Yu Wakui as Shiori Goshiki, Maria Naganawa (Kanna in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) as Fumio Kuga, and Rina Endo (Chiaki in Hinako Note) as Machi Kuga.

The series is being directed by Ryuichi Kimura (Aikatsu!),  with series composition by Gigaeomon Ichikawa (The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made), and character designs by Yasuka Otaki.

Anime studio Asahi Production is in charge of anime production.

The English language version of the A Galaxy Next Door is currently published by Kodansha USA, with three volumes out so far.

They describe the plot this way:

Princess Meets… Manga Artist?! Ever since their father died, Ichiro Kuga has struggled to support his two younger siblings on nothing but a small inheritance and his passion for drawing manga. But it’s becoming harder to keep up with his growing responsibilities and deadlines, especially after his last two assistants quit to follow their dreams.

Just as he’s nearing his breaking point, the beautiful and scarily competent Shiori Goshiki applies to become his new assistant. But there’s something almost otherworldly about Goshiki, and soon Kuga finds his reality turned upside down when she suddenly declares them engaged to marry!

Watch the just released A Galaxy Next Door trailer, and get a glimpse of just how interesting life will get for Ichiro now Shiori has arrived in his life.


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