About Us

Anime Powered is an anime, manga/manhwa and light novel-focused site founded by a British/American entertainment journalist — Michelle Topham.

Michelle reported on Asian entertainment for more than 20 years, after moving to Thailand in 2002 to cover the music scene, and then becoming obsessed with Japanese anime and manga, as every Thai she knew was watching it or reading it.

After visiting Japan, she loved it even more.

Nowadays, Michelle and two other writers here on Anime PoweredMicaela Adams and Steve Reynolds — cover the Japanese anime, manga and light novel industry, with the hope that we can promote our love of anime, and other wonderful genres of entertainment connected to it, so more and more of you will fall in love with the amazing things we have been passionate about for decades.

For us, the art of anime, and the manga that often inspires it, can never be overshadowed by anything else.

After all, where else can you find an art form that encompasses everything you could ever want to experience — beautiful visuals, fascinating stories that make you smile, think, laugh and cry, funny, strange, brave and crazy characters, superb directing, some of the most beautiful music and songs ever created, incredibly skillful animation — and all of it wrapped up in the small slice of life that is an anime episode.

Because, let’s face it, once your life becomes powered by anime, you wouldn’t want it any other way, right?