Are Futoku no Guild girls the cutest of the Fall 2022 anime season? New key visual shows they may be

While, like most anime fans, I love an anime for its plot, if it also features a bevy of cute girls, I am sold even more.

That is why the upcoming anime Futoku no Guild, aka Immoral Guild, has been grabbing my attention over the last couple of weeks as more and more promotional material is released.

Promos like the just released new Futoku no Guild key visual (see below) featuring all five of the anime’s adorable heroines — Toxico, Hitamu, Noma, Hanabata and Maidena — as, just from the trailers and key visuals alone, the girls of Futoku no Guild might just be the cutest of the upcoming Fall, 2022 anime season.

In support of the just announced premiere date, a new Futoku no Guild trailer has also been released along with the aforementioned new key visual.

It shows the girls looking as cute as buttons, while they go about their catastrophe-filled, clumsy days, proving yet again these five should be some of my faves of the year.


The Futoku no Guild anime is based on the Taichi Kawazoe manga, and is due to premiere on October 5th in Japan.

The series is directed by Takua Asaoka (Redo of Healer), with scripts and series composition by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (Black Clover).

The plot goes something like this:

An incompetent martial artist, a crabby white mage, a lazy black mage, and a drunk warrior. These four newbie guards confront monsters to protect the peace of their town.

Our heroines continue to be humiliated day after day in this controversial(?) story!

Watch the latest Futoku no Guild trailer below. Now doesn’t that make the upcoming anime look like the funniest thing?


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