Backflip!! The Movie (aka Bakuten!! Movie) streaming in the west starting today

Backflip!! The Movie one of three anime films coming to Crunchyroll this month

Crunchyroll has announced several movies will be coming to the streaming platform this month, beginning with Backflip!! The Movie (also known as the Bakuten!! Movie).

Backflip!! The Movie is the first of the new films to begin streaming on Crunchyroll, with its premiere happening later on today.

And, unlike the other two movies announced (Hula Fulla Dance and The Legend of Hei), tBackflip!! The Movie has been licensed to stream in most territories, including the west.

Those territories are:

North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East and CIS.

Like most of what Crunchyroll offers nowadays, though, the movie will only be available for Premium members to watch.

The original Bakuten!! Movie key visual

What is Backflip!! The Movie?

Backflip!! The Movie follows on from the original anime series, but this time following the ‘Ao High’ boys rhythmic gymnastics team as they face their final challenge at the prestigious Inter-High gymnastics tournament.

The anime takes place in Iwanuma City, and follows high school student Shōtarō Futaba, who becomes obsessed with gymnastics after seeing a boys’ team perform in the sport.

Because of that, Shōtarō wants to join that gymastics team as well so he decides to attend Sōshūkan High School (aka Ao High) so he can.

The cast returned to reprise their original roles in the movie as did the staff.

Backflip!! The Movie is directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi, with the screenplay by Toshizo Nemoto and character designs from Yuka Shibata.

ZEXCS was in charge of anime production.

Head over to Crunchyroll later on today to stream Backflip!! The Movie, which is also where you can watch the first season of the popular boys gymnastics anime just in case you missed it.

Before you do, though, watch the official Backflip!! The Movie trailer below, and note how beautiful that art style turned out to be.

Source: Official Backflip!! The Movie website


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