Beautiful Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2 visual has Ann and Challe reunited and dancing

As Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2 heads our way later on today, Kadokawa has released a gorgeous visual featuring Ann in a beautiful pink dress dancing with Challe. (see below)

A reunion that we all hope happens fairly soon in the new episodes as, remember, the last time we saw the sugar confectioner and her warrior fairy, the two were being separated as Challe leaves with Bridget after he gave her his wing so she would tell him the whereabouts of Ann’s silver sugar.

The new Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2 visual has Ann and Challe dancing, so we all know they will be reunited soon. Right? Right?

The anime is based on the light novel series written by Miri Mikawa and illustrated by aki.

The novels are published in English by Yen Press, with 18 volumes out in Japanese and Yen Press currently having 3 volumes out in English, with a fourth one due in September.

A manga adaptation is also being published by Yen Press.


The first episode of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2 will premiere later on today via Crunchyroll.

It is being directed by Yohei Suzuki (Planet With), with series composition from Seishi Minakami (Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts), and character designs from Haruko Iizuka (Horimiya).

J.C. Staff is again in charge of that gorgeous anime production.

Enjoy the just-released and very beautiful new Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Part 2 visual of Ann and Challe above, and keep your fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long for them to be this happy together again.

Source: Official Sugar Apple Fairy Tale website

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