BL manga Love on the Horizon publishing in English – art student falls in love with folk song club senpai

Love on the Horizon Boys’ Love manga tells the story of the unrequited love of an art student — or is it?

If you’re looking for a new Boys’ Love manga to get obsessed with, Kodansha USA has one coming out that looks sweeter than sweet.

The BL manga is Love on the Horizon (aka Ashita Ai kamo Shirenai) by Machi Yamashita, and it sounds like one of those unrequited love manga that you just know, right from the beginning, may not be quite that.

According to Kodansha, the plot of Love on the Horizon goes like this:

Art university student Nagi Kitagawa is hopelessly in love with Yuu Yamasaki, his senpai in the folk song club who also happens to be his next door neighbor.

Yuu seems to have it all—good looks, a great personality, and he’s also super popular—so Nagi can’t help but think he’d never fall for a shy, innocent country bumpkin like him.

One night, after drinking too much at one of their club get-togethers, Nagi helps a drunk Yuu get home safe—but before he can go back to his own apartment, Yuu wraps Nagi in his arms and falls asleep, trapping Nagi in his embrace. Nagi sneaks out the next morning, careful to not wake Yuu up, and vows to keep the incident a secret.

But when Nagi finds himself growing closer and closer to Yuu, his unrequited feelings only grow stronger… And could it be that his love isn’t as one-sided as he thinks it is…?

Now doesn’t that sound a bit heart-tuggingly cute?

When will Love on the Horizon be published?

No word yet on the cost of the Love on the Horizon manga, but we do know it is rated 16+ and is scheduled to be published in January, 2025.

Yep, that’s the only drawback. The agonizingly long wait time.

Until then, of course, you could always grab a few more of the excellent Boys’ Love manga Kodansha USA is already publishing.

I recommend the now almost-classic BL manga Hitorijime My Hero, which also has a superb anime adaptation, the Twilight Out of Focus manga series, the university student gets mixed up with a cop manga Sugar Dog Life (so good!), or the one with advertising industry exec Kiyoharu Honna, Stray Bullet Baby.

Any of those manga will really scratch that Boys’ Love itch, until Love on the Horizon is out.

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