Bocchi the Rock’s ‘Ano Band’ by Kessoku Band is a helluva rock song – now it has a music video and a single release

Kessoku Band’s ‘Ano Band‘ now available on streaming services

The currently airing and very popular BOCCHI THE ROCK! anime tells a cool story about an introverted girl who joins a band.

Along with the trials and tribulations of that rock band, the girls try to play so well they attract actual fans.

As you might expect with a music-themed anime, it also features some pretty good rock music.

Music that is already making waves outside the anime on streaming services like Spotify.

One of the latest BOCCHI THE ROCK! songs uploaded to streaming services this week is Episode 8’s insert song ‘Ano Band’.

The song is the second track Kessoku Band played at Starry club, as Bocchi realized the band members were playing poorly together, so needed to bump up her game.

Ano Band‘ begins with Bocchi’s wild guitar solo.

The song then morphs into a track with cool lyrics, a memorable melody, awesome guitar and bass and phenomenal vocals I wanted to hear again the minute the band’s anime performance ended.

And now I, and you, can.

As many times as we like via a single release now available on various music streaming services, along with live performance from Episode 8 of the anime, which is also now available on video.

You can watch that below.


And, if that wasn’t enough, the song has also just gotten a full-length lyric video (below) featuring an illustration of Ryou looking as aloof as ever.

Unfortunately, though, those lyrics are only available in Japanese.


And, if you like the rock song as much as I do, you can also listen to Kessoku Band’s ‘Ano Band‘, along with all the other songs from the hit music anime so far, in the Spotify playlist below.

As for Bocchi the Rock, which is one of the most popular and highest rated anime of the Fall 2022 season, it is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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