Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat manga in English on its way – giant cat saves widower from loneliness

Heads up to cat lovers who also enjoy reading about the furry critters as well, as Ai Shimizu’s Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat manga is getting an English translation.

The fantasy, slice-of-life manga tells the story of a widower who, after his wife suddenly dies, decides to move back to the countryside to grieve.

His grief isn’t allowed to last long, however, before the pet cat his wife used to love appears by his side.

Not how it used to look but instead as a yokai — a mythical spirit that is known to everyone in Japan.

Not only that, his wife’s cat is now taller than he is, sports two fluffy tails and can hold long conversations on a myriad of subjects.

Soon the man and the cat are enjoying their new lives in the countryside — communing with nature, cooking delicious food and, of course, having interesting and fulfilling conversations with each other.

As the pair bake bread, make homemade jam, whisk eggs for soon-to-be fluffy omelets, and grow vegetables, the bond between them grows strong.

So strong, the widower, while still missing his late wife, is no longer wallowing in the pity and pain he felt when she died.

Breakfast with My Two-Tailed Cat Volume 1 is being published by Seven Seas Entertainment in the west with a December 2023 publication date.

The manga, known as Nekomata to Asa Gohan (or ねこまたとあさごはん ) in Japan, will be available in both print and digital editions, with the second volume in this cute looking fantasy manga likely coming out some time in 2024.

Mark your calendars, cat lovers, as this one looks absolutely adorable.

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