Bump of Chicken’s ‘Fighter’ from March Comes in Like a Lion makes you feel like you can fly

Japanese alternative rock group Bump of Chicken’s ‘Fighter‘ was the first ending song for the superb anime series March Comes in Like a Lion — and, in my opinion, was one of the best songs from this extraordinary anime.

Yes, Bump of Chicken does have one of those only-in-Japan strange band names that don’t really make much sense to anyone not Japanese but, man, they do an amazing job with March Comes in Like a Lion‘s ending song ‘Fighter‘.

A song I like¬†because it is one of those inspirational tracks that, as you listen to it you will feel like you could do anything — including fly.

Bump of Chicken provided both ‘Answer‘,¬† the opening theme, and ‘Fighter‘ the closing theme song for March Comes in Like a Lion for the first half of Season 1.

But it is ‘Fighter‘ that stands out in my head. Particularly as it is not just a spectacular song, but that it also came with a beautiful music video.

An animated video created especially for the song by Chika Umino, the author of the manga March Comes in Like a Lion is based on.

He heard Bump of Chicken’s gorgeous song and decided to create a standalone short story for Rei Kiriyama, the anime series’ main character, to go with the music.

Watch the music video for Bump of Chicken’s ‘Fighter‘ below, along with the opening animation sequence for the anime series.

The anime itself is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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