Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig Ep 9 postponed – here’s why

Butareba taking a week off for quality reasons

The airing of the dark isekai anime Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig, Episode 9 has been postponed this week.

Instead, anime studio Project No. 9 says they are taking the next week to work on the anime so that they can “maintain the quality of the series”.

That is possible because, unlike in the west where production on most TV series finishes many weeks or even months before it airs, in Japan an anime series may be being worked on right up until the day before it airs.

This is why there have been several delays on new anime series in the last few years, as a record number of anime are being produced while the number of staff available to work on them is not increasing.

The situation has worsened since early 2020, when the unnecessary lockdowns due to panic about Covid-19 caused some studios to fall even further behind on anime production.

Nowadays, of course, now that Covid is no longer a reasonable excuse, that still has not stopped several studios from delaying the release of upcoming anime episodes.

Including, it seems, the postponement of Butareba, Episode 9.

Instead, they use excuses like delaying an episode’s release to “maintain the quality of the series”.

Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig’s reviews are poor

In reality, the reason why Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig, Episode 9 has been postponed is more than likely due to the anime’s poor ratings and the poor reception from its audience.

In other words, it is entirely possible Project No. 9 has postponed the ninth episode of the isekai anime to see if they can figure out a way of improving its ratings for the final three episodes of the season.

After all, in the west at least, the reviews for Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig have been poor, with users on the popular anime-focused site My Anime List currently rating the isekai anime a very low 6.02 out of 10.

On Crunchyroll, where the Project No. 9 anime is being streamed for international fans, Butareba is being rated a similarly low 3.8 out of 5.

Although, to be fair, the site’s users leaving written comments are generally more positive about the anime than those just leaving ranking scores.

At the moment, the postponed Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig, Episode 9 is scheduled to air on December 9th.

Unless Project No. 9 finds “maintaining the quality of the anime” to be more difficult than they expected.

Staff and plot of Butareba – The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig

The isekai anime is based on the light novel series written by Takuma Sakai and illustrated by Asagi Tōsaka.

According to J-Novel Club, who publishes the English version of both the light novels and their manga spin-off, the Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig plot goes something like this.

A run-of-the-mill otaku collapses from stomach pain after tasting raw pig liver and wakes up in a whole new world—as a pig, of all things! He’s helplessly trapped in his pen until Jess, a girl who can read minds, comes along and rescues him.

Our porcine hero will have to work to keep his boar-ish thoughts to himself, but sweet Jess isn’t deterred. In fact, she wants to spoil this little piggy rotten!

By Jess’s side, it seems like life as a hog might not be so bad after all, yet there’s more to this strange fantasy world than meets the eye.

Jess is a girl of many secrets, and she’s in danger. But what can a mere pig with no special powers do to protect her from her cruel fate? Will his modern knowledge, quick thinking, and sharp nose be enough to ham it up and save her?

Butareba -The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig is being directed by Masayuki Takahashi (Assistant Director of Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon).

Series composition is by Deko Akao (When Will Ayumu Make His Move?), with character designs by Susumu Watanabe (Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!).

The anime series is currently streaming via Crunchyroll with eight episodes already available to binge-watch.


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