Centimillimental’s ‘Super Ultra I Love You’ video has Atsushi Onushi in a high-energy performance

Centimillimental’s ‘Super Ultra I Love You‘ is theme song for new Given movie

Japanese music project Centimillimental, aka musician Atsushi Onushi, has just released the music video for the opening theme song for the anime film Given: Hiiragi Mix and, as is usual with Centimillimental, the track is a bit of a banger.

Its music video is also as powerful as the song, as it features singer Atsushi Onushi’s high-energy performance of the song interspersed with cuts of a girl listening to the track on head phones and smiling.

Super Ultra I Love You‘ isn’t the first Centimillimental song featured on Given

And, if you think the song, which is called ‘Super Ultra I Love You sounds very similar to songs from the Given anime series, that is because Centimillimental performed those as well.

That, of course, includes the heart-breaking ‘Mafuyu’s Song‘, which Centimillimental recorded with voice actor Shōgo Yano, who plays Mafuyu in the anime.

Along with the music video, ‘Super Ultra I Love You‘ also got its official digital release yesterday, (January 24th), with the CD edition of the song coming out on February 14th.

Meanwhile, the song’s music video has already racked up over 30,000 plays on YouTube since yesterday, which is pretty good considering Given: Hiiragi Mix doesn’t even premiere in Japan until this Saturday.

Given: Hiiragi Mix, by the way, is the first part of two new Given movies and, once the second part is released, should cover all the events of the now-completed manga series.

A promotional video for the film, which features Centimillimental’s ‘Super Ultra I Love You‘ has also been released.

You can watch that below, along with the high-energy ‘Super Ultra I Love You‘ music video.

Yep, Centimillimental is back with more music for the Given boys and I, for one, couldn’t imagine anyone else doing as wonderful a job.

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