Chainsaw Man’s Ep. 4 ending featuring “tablet” by TOOBOE is awesome – Watch, because that ART style!

If you haven’t yet started watching the anime version of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga Chainsaw Man, let me just tell you that you are missing something pretty damned stellar.

The fourth episode of the dark fantasy comedy horror anime series was just released on Crunchyroll.

And it was obvious the anime would be something spectacular right from the first 30 seconds of Episode 1 and that fabulous pan through the alleyways, then on into the shack Denji calls home.

That superb animation and gorgeous art has continued on right through the anime, with Chainsaw Man‘s Episode 4 ending animation featuring the fabulous Episode 4 ending theme song ‘tablet‘ by TOOBOE (aka Japanese music producer john) just being released.

And wow, is that art style beautiful, and that song is chill and cool.

Especially as the ending animation features the fabulous fiend Power.

Chainsaw Man is directed by Ryu Nakayama (episode director of Jujutsu Kaisen), with the screenplay by Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100), and that wonderful character design by Kazutaka Sugiyama (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation).

It stars Tomori Kusunoki as Makima, Ai Fairouz who plays Power, Shougo Sakata voicing Aki Hayakawa, and Kikunosuke Toya as protagonist Denji.

My Anime List describes the anime’s plot this way:

Denji is robbed of a normal teenage life, left with nothing but his deadbeat father’s overwhelming debt. His only companion is his pet, the chainsaw devil Pochita, with whom he slays devils for money that inevitably ends up in the yakuza’s pockets. All Denji can do is dream of a good, simple life: one with delicious food and a beautiful girlfriend by his side. But an act of greedy betrayal by the yakuza leads to Denji’s brutal, untimely death, crushing all hope of him ever achieving happiness.

Remarkably, an old contract allows Pochita to merge with the deceased Denji and bestow devil powers on him, changing him into a hybrid able to transform his body parts into chainsaws. Because Denji’s new abilities pose a significant risk to society, the Public Safety Bureau’s elite devil hunter Makima takes him in, letting him live as long as he obeys her command.

Guided by the promise of a content life alongside an attractive woman, Denji devotes everything and fights with all his might to make his naive dreams a reality.

Watch the cool newly released Chainsaw Man‘s Episode 4 ending animation and theme song below.

Follow john’s solo music project TOOBOE on Instagram¬†and on YouTube.

Chainsaw Man is currently streaming worldwide via Crunchyroll.


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