Disastrous Uncle from Another World ends Season 1 with Ep. 13 in March – Atelier Pontdarc finally finishes only anime they are producing

That the anime series Uncle from Another World has been a trainwreck is pretty much accepted from just about everyone who enjoys anime.

From Netflix who bought the license to stream the anime, then had to wait over half a year for later episodes to release, to fans who invested in the first episodes of the fantasy comedy then dropped it after it became obvious it would be well into the new year before final episodes ever arrived, the once promising Uncle from Another World has been a massive letdown.

Now anime production company Atelier Pontdarc has announced the last episode of the anime — Uncle from Another World, Episode 13 — will finally be released.

More than eight months after Episode 1 premiered, on March 8th in Japan.

Of course, like many other Japanese anime studios who were unable to stick to schedules and needed to find something or someone to blame, Atelier Pontdarc blamed the Covid virus for their inability to deliver episodes of Uncle from Another World.

Something that must sound strange to most Korean drama studios, who just about all managed to deliver their 16 episodes on time, or American, British, German, French, Mexican production companies etc as well.

All of whom managed to stick to tight release schedules, while delivering superb, high-quality shows just as they were planned.

Japanese anime studio Atelier Pontdarc, on the other hand, premiered the first episode of Uncle from Another World on July 6th, 2022 then announced a delay of its fifth episode soon after from August 3rd to August 17th.

After its seventh episode aired at the end of August, Episode 8 was then delayed, and that didn’t arrive until November.

While Atelier Pontdarc to this day is still blaming “Covid 19” for all of its problems taking Season 1 of Uncle from Another World to completion, director Ippei Ichii sent a tweet blaming issues with management instead.

He then left the production soon afterwards after he announced staff had still not been chosen for the Episode 10 he was supposed to direct, and that Atelier Pontdarc was insisting only in-house staff would be participating in the production.

Issues that are far more likely to be the reality than “Covid 19” that, let’s face it, the rest of the world moved on from a year ago.

Personally, I dropped Uncle from Another World back in August, as who has time to go back and re-watch previous episodes just so you can remember what happened in the story so that the upcoming Episode 13 makes sense.

Unfortunately, it seems quite a few other anime fans did as well.

If you are one of those who did not, Uncle from Another World, Episode 13, the final episode, will air on March 8th in Japan.

I would not count on Atelier Pontdarc releasing a season 2 of the fantasy comedy anime, however, as if they couldn’t even deliver 13 episodes of the only anime they were producing in less than eight months, it doesn’t bode well for future projects.

A shame too as, when it began, Uncle from Another World was entertaining and funny, as was their previous production Ganbare Douki-chan.

But, in the reality of the anime industry, a studio that is unable to release 13 episodes of the sole anime they are producing is not likely to produce a second season of the said anime any time soon.

Let alone remain in existence for long.

If you care, you can watch the currently released episodes of Uncle from Another World via Netflix, although that streaming service is even further behind, with only seven episodes released on the platform so far.

From beginning to end, the release of Uncle from Another World has, sadly, been shambolic in every way, eh?

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