Do Kaizaki and Hishiro get together at the end of ReLife or do they forget each other?

One of the reasons I watched the anime series ReLIFE on a faster speed than normal during the last few episodes was I was dying to find out if Kaizaki and Hishiro get together at the end, or do they go on to forget each other?

After all, both are told at the end of their ReLIFE experiment, once they take the pill to turn them back to their 28-year-old selves, they will not remember each other.

Even if they meet again as adults.

So, do Kaizaki and Hishiro end up together at the end of ReLIFE, do they even meet again and, if so, can they remember each other from their ‘high school’ days?

Do Kaizaki and Hishiro get together by the time ReLIFE ends?

By the time the first season of ReLIFE ends, Kaizaki is realizing he might be in love with Hishiro, while she is still a little in the dark.

That’s why the story of the two is finished in the sequel to Season 1 of the anime series, ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen. A four-episode OVA that ends the ReLIFE story.

Four episodes that complete the high school life of the two main characters, with both figuring out they are in love with each other, and then being forced to change back to their adult selves and, thus, start new jobs.

But, when Kaizaki and Hishiro revert back to being adults, they cannot remember each other due to the medication they are forced to take by the ReLIFE corporation.

So it seems as though their romance is over.

Even though Hishiro writes a message on her hand to herself before she takes the medication that says “I was in love with Arata Kaizaki”, that message is erased by An Oonoya her support person before Hishiro wakes up.

A few months later, however, Kaizaki is now working at the ReLIFE corporation, and is invited to drink with his co-workers.

When he gets to the bar, Hishiro is there as she is also working for ReLIFE.

But, of course, neither of them remember the other. Even though both get a strange feeling when they meet.

At the end of the evening, however, they are outside getting ready to leave and Hishiro asks Kaizaki about being a former ReLIFE test subject, as she heard one of their co-workers talking about it.

She then tells him she was one as well and, when he asks her what her ReLIFE experience was like, she replies “It was like fireworks. I went to a fireworks festival with my friends, and I had such an incredible time. But after it was over, I felt sad”.

Kaizaki replies that he understands, and then both start to talk about the fireworks like they did the night of the fireworks festival.

And it is that conversation that sparks the memory of each other.

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Within seconds, they have realized who the other person is, and Hishiro then falls into Kaizaki’s arms.

So, yes, at the end of ReLIFE, Kaizaki and Hishiro get together again because they remember each other.

It’s just a pity, the way animation studio TMS Entertainment decided to do it, that scene lasts about 10 seconds and then the anime is over.

I would have liked to have seen them finally together and in love for longer.

Watch Kaizaki and Hishiro get together, along with the rest of this excellent anime, on Crunchyroll.


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