Dr. Stone new characters Homura and Hyōga played by Aki Toyosaki and Akira Ishida

Voice actor and singer Aki Toyosaki (A Certain Scientific Railgun) is joining the cast of the Dr. Stone anime as new character Homura (see picture above). A second new cast member, Akira Ishida (Fairy Tale, Fate/Zero), is also joining to play Hyōga (in picture below).

Both are top ranking members of the Tsukasa Empire.

Akira said he joined the cast as he liked the character of Hyōga, as he was “a man who valued the importance of doing everything properly”, and who was always looking for “what is “good” for the future of Stone World’.


Aki, on the other hand, said she was honored to be working on Dr. Stone as she had read the original manga series, and liked it.

She also mentioned Homura was one of her favorite characters.

Dr. Stone began airing the subtitled version on Crunchyroll in the west on July 5th, with the dubbed version available on Funimation. 17 episodes of a planned 24 episodes have already been released.

The official description of the anime series goes like this:

One fateful day, all of humanity was petrified by a blinding flash of light. After several millennia, high schooler Taiju awakens and finds himself lost in a world of statues. However, he’s not alone!

His science-loving friend Senku’s been up and running for a few months and he’s got a grand plan in mind—to kickstart civilization with the power of science!

Shinya Iino (Yuyushiki) is directing the series, Yuichiro Kido (Fruits Basket 2019) has written the scripts, and Yuko Iwasa (Tenshi na Konamaiki ) is Character Designer and Chief Animation Director.

Official Website: Dr. Stone

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