Engage Kiss trailer shows comedy isn’t as laid-back as you might have thought

The upcoming original anime Engage Kiss anime just got its first trailer and a new key visual, and it seems the show most people thought would be a relaxing romantic comedy, slice-of-life could be anything but.

After all, when a demon shows up in the Engage Kiss trailer, and everyone is suddenly shooting guns, this romantic comedy might have a lot more action to it than we expected.

Not that I’m complaining, you understand.

Cool new Engage Kiss trailer intros Shuu, Kisara and Ayano

The new Engage Kiss trailer features small business owner Shuu, a guy who spends most of the money he earns, causing him to live a pretty depressing life.

Shuu’s friend and potential romantic interest, Kisara, is concerned about him. So she keeps showing up to make sure he is not in too much trouble, while his ex-girlfriend Ayano also has her concerns.

But, with a demon seemingly on the lose on the island state they all live on, things are set to get pretty fast-paced pretty fast. And money might soon be the last of Shuu’s concerns.


Latest Engage Kiss key visual

Along with the new trailer, a new Engage Kiss key visual was also released today showing Shuu, pink-haired Kisara, blue-haired Ayano and just announced new character Sharon Holygrail.

She might look ‘religious’ but, chances are, there is a lot more to her than just that as well.

Engage Kiss is being directed by Tomoya Tanaka (Visual Prison), Fumiaki Maruto (Miru Tights) is in charge of series composition, with Date a Live illustrator Tsunako designing the characters.

Music composition is by Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Revue Starlight).

A1 Pictures is the animation studio in charge of anime production.

According to the new trailer, the first episode of Engage Kiss will premiere on July 2nd in Japan.

If this one looks like your thing, and it’s definitely mine, you can get more information about the anime on its official website.

And yep, this one looks like a fun one!


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