Eternal Boys NEXT STAGE trailer out — mature idols in a TV drama, a variety show and a singing competition

The upcoming Eternal Boys NEXT STAGE anime film just got a trailer ahead of its June 9th premiere in movie theaters in Japan.

The Eternal Boys NEXT STAGE trailer has our favorite mature idols dealing with three new challenges — a TV drama, a variety show and Japan’s national singing show — all of which we will get to see in a three-vignette film.

After all, the boys have managed to stay together for a year, so now it is time they get to reap some of the rewards.

The trailer also reintroduces each of the Eternal Boys members and reminds us why we all like them so much, as well as gives us a snippet of Eternal Boys’ latest single ‘Red Line, which will be released around the same time as the film.

What we know about the Eternal Boys NEXT STAGE film so far

Eternal Boys NEXT STAGE follows on from the just-released recap movie of the series, and is being promoted as the final episode in the career of the mature idols.

Fingers crossed that is not so, as Eternal Boys was one of my fave idol anime series in a while, and a second season would be superb.

According to a new tweet from the anime’s official Twitter account, fans in Japan will also have a chance to see some of the anime’s voice actors live and on stage.

That will happen during an advance screening of Eternal Boys Next Stage, which will take place in Tokyo at the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater on June 2nd at 18:40 JST.

Those voice actors are Daisuke Hirakawa (who plays Kentarou Sanada), Jun Fukuyama (Haru Asai) and Nozomu Sasaki (Makoto Kakizaki).


Tickets for that event are 1,900 yen, with sales kicking off tomorrow.

You can find details on how to grab them on the official Eternal Boys website.

The 24-episode Eternal Boys TV anime premiered in October, 2022 and ran until March, 2023.

Outside Japan, the idol anime series was streamed via HIDIVE.

And, if you loved the Eternal Boys‘ characters (and who didn’t?), a visual novel game called Eternal Boys Side Project — Twilight Spica– is now in development by coly inc.

The game will be focused around an original story, and is due to be released some time later this year.

Now check out the just released Eternal Boys NEXT STAGE trailer below. There is no word yet on who will be streaming it outside Japan, but it is likely it will be HIDIVE again.


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