Failure Frame creditless opening video released – ‘Hazure’ by Chogakusei is a banger of a rock song

While Episode 1 of the isekai anime Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything with Low-Level Spells is one of the most disappointing of the Summer, 2024 anime season so far, I will give the anime more of a chance with upcoming episodes.

After all, even though the plot is generic and the CGI poor, its premise is somewhat interesting, and the art style is cool.

That being said, the new Failure Frame creditless opening video that has just been released is most definitely a banger — both the art and its opening theme song — ‘Hazure‘ by Chogakusei — which is a superb example of contemporary Japanese rock music.

The anime itself is based on the Kaoru Shinozaki and KWKM light novels. They are currently being published in English via Seven Seas Entertainment.

It is a long series, with 10 volumes out so far, and Volume 11 due later in the year, so there is plenty of material for future seasons should the anime become a success.

Seven Seas explains its plot like this:

Abruptly catapulted into a fantasy world, Mimori Touka and his classmates have been summoned by the world’s resident Goddess to serve as heroes. Luckily, most of the students display amazing skills upon arrival—except for Mimori, whose abilities bottom out at a measly E-rank.

With no further use for him, the Goddess banishes Mimori to a dungeon from which no one has ever returned alive.

Yet, as it turns out, Mimori’s skills aren’t so much worthless as they are abnormal. Abnormally powerful, even. If Mimori can only claw his way back to the surface, nothing will stand in his way from getting revenge.

Yep, you’re not wrong in thinking it is very Arifuretalike in plot and characters.

The Failure Frame anime is being directed by Michio Fukuda (Terra Formars franchise), with Yasuhiro Nakanishi (My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999) in charge of series composition, and Kana Hashidate (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha) as both character designer and chief animation director.

Both Seven Arcs and SynergySP are collaborating with anime production.

After its first episode premiered last night, Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything with Low-Level Spells is also being rated low via My Anime List with others obviously of the same opinion that Episode 1 was disappointing.

Fingers crossed it will improve.

Check out the just released Failure Frame creditless opening video below.


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