Ganbare Douki-chan Season 1, Episode 5 – Douki-chan gets the largest White Day gift

Ganbare Douki-chan and “A Coworker Who Was Looking Forward to a White Day Gift

During last week’s Ganbare Douki-chan, we left our heroine and the love of her life standing on a train platform as she awkwardly thrusts Valentine’s chocolates at him.

In Ganbare Douki-chan Episode 5, we start with Kouhai-chan brazenly sending a photograph of herself wearing the cutest maid outfit to her Senpai, then promising to serve him on her hands and knees.

“A joke”, she quickly adds.

Unfortunately for her though, it seems Douki-kun may prefer to see Douki-chan in a maid outfit as that was obviously what he was thinking as she suddenly appeared behind him startling him. (Come on, Douki-chan, get a clue. He likes you).

Fast forward to White Day — that uniquely Japanese special day where men give women sweet things — and Douki-kun is out of the office all day.

But Douki-chan still works late into the evening hoping he will return to the office, but he doesn’t.

As she heads into the elevator to go home, however, Douki-kun appears around the corner causing her to stop dead in the elevator door and then get bashed in the head as the door closes on her.

Worth it, though, as Douki-kun is soon handing her a gift bag, only to be stopped halfway through by Kouhai-chan who grabs him by the arm and brazenly asks if he has chocolate for her too.

Meanwhile Douki-chan, of course, thinks her gift is just an obligation as Douki-kun, being a bit of a dumb ass, tells her the gift is a “Thank you”.

But, when she gets home, he has given her something cute and nice, and a much bigger gift than he gave Kouhai-chan. It’s nicer wrapped too.


Get a clue, Douki-chan!!!

Now, maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it obvious Douki-kun likes Douki-chan just as much as she likes him?

He was an absolute gentleman in the hotel room, although it was obvious he found her attractive. He went back to the restaurant to get her after she collapsed in a drunk heap and, when she got off the train and remembered she hadn’t given him the chocolates, he got off the train with her.

Now he has given Douki-chan a nicer White Day gift than he gave the pushy Kouhai.

Hey, I am absolutely clueless about men, and even I would now be thinking “Hmmm….maybe?” Wouldn’t you?

Watch Ganbare Douki-chan Episode 5 right through to the end, as the last scene is well worth it (awwww, her sweet, red face!)

Then let’s look forward to next week’s episode, as this anime is one of the brightest spots of the week.

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