GIRLS BAND CRY’s Nina Iseri character trailer released – animation still clunky, character loud but cute

Introducing GIRLS BAND CRY: Toei Animation’s latest anime series

If you like computer generated animation (I don’t, but you might), there is cool news out of Japan today as Toei Animation’s gets ready to launch their latest anime, GIRLS BAND CRY: an upcoming 3DCG original anime project that follows the journey of five girls in a band who have dreams as big as the Budokan they want to perform in.

And that fun starts right now!

Meet lead vocalist Nina: A Rising Star in the GIRLS BAND CRY world

Each week, Toei will be unveiling a brand-new GIRLS BAND CRY character trailer via the anime’s official website, giving you a glimpse into the five vibrant personalities who will soon be lighting up our screens.

Today, let’s give a warm welcome to 17-year-old Nina Iseri!

Voiced by Rina Uchiyama, Nina’s journey begins as an ordinary girl who discovers her extraordinary talent as the lead vocalist of the sensational all-girl band, Togenashi Togeari.

Join Nina on her adventure by checking out her character trailer (down below), where, sure, she might be a bit loud, but the singer’s passion and spirit definitely shine through!

Some of the talent behind GIRLS BAND CRY

Under the expert guidance of director Kazuo Sakai (Love Live! Sunshine!!), GIRLS BAND CRY bursts into life at Toei Animation.

Series composition is being carried out by Jukki Hanada (The Dangers In My Heart), with character design from Nari Teshima (Holo Graffiti).

Yuusuke Tanaka will be in charge of the music for the anime series.

Join the Journey: GIRLS BAND CRY premiere details

Embark on this heartwarming journey alongside five remarkable young women as they navigate through the highs and lows of chasing their dreams, discovering the true power of friendship along the way.

Mark your calendars because GIRLS BAND CRY is set to premiere in Japan on April 5th, 2024.

Meanwhile, check out the recently released first GIRLS BAND CRY trailer alongside the just released Nina Iseri character trailer below — yes, the animation is clunky but the girls are cute and, like I said, CGI may be your thing.

It’s just not mine.


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