Goblin Slayer OP ‘Rightfully’ by Mili is a stunningly unusual track

I don’t understand the drama that has surrounded the Goblin Slayer anime series since it was released.

Especially because the scene in the first episode so many “woke” people seemed to be ‘offended by’ was no more violent than shows like Tokyo Ghoul, Berserk or Attack on Titan.

Of course, it was the 10-second rape scene that seemed to upset so many anime fans.

Again, I’m not sure why. It wasn’t particularly graphic, and you didn’t see the sexual act itself. Just quick glances at the face of the girl being raped.

That being said, whether you liked the series or not, and I did, you have to admit the Goblin Slayer opening song is pretty stellar.

Called ‘Rightfully’ and performed by classical Japanese indie music group Mili, the gorgeous orchestral opening that quickly morphs into a hard rock track sung by an angelic voice (Mili’s lead singer momocashew) is stunning, and incredibly unique.

One of those songs you would love to have a 10-hour version of, so you could play it on repeat for days.

What is also interesting about Mili’s ‘Rightfully‘ is that, along with the animated intro to the Goblin Slayer series, it also came with a disturbing live action music video that added even more depth to the unusual track.

A video that also had a superb dance routine featured within it.

Watch the official music video for Mili’s ‘Rightfully‘ below, along with the animated intro to Goblin Slayer.

And, if you want to know just how loved this song has become, this number may help…

Between the official Goblin Slayer intro video, the official music video and a fan uploaded audio video, the song has had almost 26 million plays on YouTube since its release.

An astounding number of plays for an anime OP.

You can find more of these gorgeous songs from Mili on their YouTube channel.


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