How much younger is Miyano than Sasaki in Sasaki and Miyano anime/manga?

One of the first things we found out when Episode 1 of Sasaki and Miyano aired was that Miyano Yoshikazu is younger than his senpai Sasaki Shuumei.

That is obvious as Sasaki is in a higher grade than Miyano and, by the time the first season of the anime ends, is graduating from high school.

Miyano, meanwhile, still has another year left at school after Sasaki leaves.

How much younger is Miyano than Sasaki then, and is there a big age gap between the two now-boyfriends?

How much younger is Miyano than Sasaki in Sasaki and Miyano?

While the boys’ specific ages are never mentioned — not in the manga the Sasaki and Miyano anime is based on nor in the anime adapted from it — Sasaki is 18-years-old when he graduates, and very close to being 19-years old.

That is because, unlike in the west, graduation from high school in Japan occurs in late March, and almost all Japanese students are 18-years-old when they graduate.

As Sasaki’s birthday is on June 17th, that means he will turn 19-years-old just three months after he graduates.

As for Miyano, he is one year behind Sasaki in school, but his birthday is on February 22nd, which makes him one of the younger boys in his grade. (And one of the shorter ones as well!)

That probably means he just turned 17-years-old right before Sasaki graduated, thus, making Miyano 1 year and 8 months younger than Sasaki.

Not really a huge age difference then, and certainly not a big difference once they are out of their teens and in the serious romantic relationship all signs point to them developing.

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