In which Seven Deadly Sins episode does Meliodas lift his and Elizabeth’s curses?

One of the main plot lines of much of The Seven Deadly Sins anime series is the one involving Meliodas and Elizabeth, and the curses they have both lived under for more than 3,000 years.

Curses visited upon them by the Demon King and the Supreme Deity, with the result that Meliodas is not able to die, while Elizabeth dies and is then reincarnated again and again and again.

Each time she dies, she begins her new life with no memory of Meliodas, or the curses they are both living under.

As soon as she regains her memories in her present life, Elizabeth dies within three days.

This has led to Elizabeth living through 106 lives, meeting Meliodas and falling in love, then dying every time.

Sometimes while she is still young although, according to Meliodas, there was just one time when she lived a full life, died of old age, and never regained her memories.

In Elizabeth’s current life as the Princess of Liones, however, Melodias is determined to lift the curses once and for all.

Especially when Elizabeth suddenly regains her memories of her past lives, remembers the curses they both live under, and so only has three more days to live.

Does Meliodas manage to lift the curses on both him and Elizabeth and, if so, how and when does he do that?

Meliodas lifts the curses placed on him and Elizabeth

The lifting of the Demon King and Supreme Deity’s curses takes place in The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement, Episode 13 close to the beginning of the episode as the Sins realize, while they have saved Meliodas from becoming the Demon King, they have now lost any chance to remove Elizabeth’s curse.

Meliodas tells the Sins he can lift Elizabeth’s curse

As they are all sadly talking about losing their friend the following day, as present day Elizabeth’s three days of grace are almost at an end, Meliodas suddenly stops them by saying:

“Sorry to butt into the middle of a super serious conversation, but there is still a way to lift the curse.”

He then goes on to tell them, while he was in Purgatory he regained his intrinsic powers, and that means he can now lift both Elizabeth’s curse and his own.

Meliodas tells the Sins “stand back”

Meliodas then tells the Sins “Stand back” and, with Merlin’s help he then manifests the curses, which are both enormous and menacing as they float around he and Elizabeth.

In just seconds, Meliodas is then able to destroy the curses with his intrinic power. He then apologizes to Elizabeth for making her “wait 3,000 years”.

And that is how Meliodas lifts the curses he and Elizabeth have been living under for more than 3,000 years.

Cool, eh?

The scenes that explain Elizabeth and Meliodas’ backstory, the reason why they were cursed, and how those curses played out are also featured in a video, just in case you need a memory jog.

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ADDITIONALLY — Elizabeth’s curse is reactivated early on in The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement, and no-one knows why.

We later learn Merlin reactivated Elizabeth’s curse in an effort to resurrect Chaos, which she admits to Melodias towards the end of the season. Merlin is also the one that removes it again.


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