Interspecies Reviewers airing on Biwako Broadcasting proves Japanese more open-minded than Funimation

Even though various companies have removed the anime Interspecies Reviewers from their schedules due to its subject matter (an ecchi comedy, pretty much), it has just been announced Japan’s Biwako Broadcasting channel will begin airing the anime series on Saturday, March 7th.

In other words, there are a fair number of channels in Japan that are more open-minded than most channels in America, as they do not allow censorship to make decisions for them it seems.

Biwako Broadcasting says they will air the edited version of the anime every Sunday morning at 2:55 am, and will air two back-to-back episodes each time.

The final two epsidoes (11th and 12th) will air on April 11th.

Sadly here in the west, however, unless you are watching Interspecies Reviewers on pirate sites (which a lot of people are), it is almost impossible to see it.

After all, Funimation bowed down to censorship at the end of January and removed Interspecies Reviewers from its schedule.

Amazon Prime followed suit soon after.

In Japan, while Tokyo MX and Sun TV stopped airing the series around the same time Funimation dropped it, channels like KBS Kyoto, Gifu Broadcasting, BS11 and AT-X are still airing it.

Again proving, when it comes to not living in the 18th century, overall Japan always has America beat.

As for Funimation and their censorship, you have to wonder why they bought Interspecies Reviewers in the first place if they were just going to drop it the minute someone complained?

After all, the anime is based on the ecchi comedy manga written by Amahara and drawn by masha, so surely they knew what they were letting themselves in for?


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