Kaiju No. 8 game announced – trailer has Kafka, Kikoru, Reno and Hoshina battling it out with kaiju

Kaiju No. 8 The Game screenshot

Kaiju No. 8 The Game announced for smartphones and PC

It is no surprise that the anime Kaiju No. 8 has been such a massive hit.

After all, it is well-written, beautifully animated, features a stylishly unique art style,  and is populated with some pretty kickass characters and incredibly high-energy battle scenes.

So popular has the anime been, anime studio Production I.G. along with Akatsuki Games and Toho Games, has just announced a spin-off Kaiju No. 8 The Game — a smartphone and PC game based on the anime and the manga it originated in.

The announcement came right after Episode 10 of the anime streamed on X.

Alongside the announcement, we also got a short Kaiju No. 8 game trailer showing off some of the pretty-decent-so-far graphics we can expect, as well as short snippets of protagonists Kafka (as Kaiju No. 8), Kikoru, Reno and Hoshina heading into battle with kaiju.

The trailer description points out “You can experience smashing giant monsters with super human power“.

First Kaiju No. 8 The Game visual

The game’s first key visual was also released, along with an official website for the game and an X account.

Kaiju No. 8 The Game will be available via the Apple App Store, Google Play and Steam (for PCs).

There is no word yet when the game will be released, just that the first development phase has started and it is currently in production.

If you are as obsessed with the anime as much as we are, and are a gamer like we are, follow its X account to keep up on news releases.

Meanwhile, if you missed the premiere of Episode 10 of the anime via X, it is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Now check out the first Kaiju No. 8 The Game trailer down below. I don’t know about you, but that makes me hella excited.

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