Kaiju No. 8 ‘Sagamihara Neutralization Operation’ arc trailer has Kafka, Reno and Kikoru fight huge kaiju

One of the biggest anime surprises of the Spring, 2024 season for me was how much I am obsessed with Kaiju No. 8.

From its art style to crazy-fast action, its characters to its plot and, of course, its humor, Kaiju No. 8 is an absolute winner on every level.

This week, Kaiju No. 8, Episode 6 kicks off with the ‘Sagamihara Neutralization Operation‘ arc.

The first major mission for Kafka and his team, as they take on one of the strongest kaiju seen in Tokyo in a while.

TOHO Animation has just released a ‘Sagamihara Neutralization Operation‘ arc trailer, which gives us a quick reminder of where we left off last week alongside scenes from Kaiju, No. 8, Episode 6 as Kafka, Reno, Kikoru and the rest face one of the most dangerous kaiju yet.

Of course, we see Kikoru about to kick some major ass, while Reno tries to support Kafka but seems to get in some major trouble because of it.

Kaiju No. 8, Episode 6 premieres in the next few hours, and I’m all in as the episode looks amazing, aren’t you?

Kaiju No. 8 details

The ongoing sci-fi action anime kicked off on April 13th on TV Tokyo and affiliates and, even though it is streaming on Crunchyroll, the official Kaiju No. 8 X account has also been live streaming it simultaneously as the anime airs in Japan.

The Production I.G. and Studio Khara-produced anime is being directed by Shigeyuki Miya (Onihei) and Tomomi Kamiya (Yotsuiro Biyori).

Scripts are by Ichirō Ōkouchi (creator of Code Geass), character designs and chief animation direction is by Tetsuya Nishio (Vampire in the Garden), art direction by Shinji Kimura (art director for Dorohedoro), and those amazing monster designs by Mahiro Maeda (Shin Godzilla).

Watch the just-released Kaiju No. 8, Episode 6 ‘Sagamihara Neutralization Operation‘ arc below, and then head to Crunchyroll as the episode has just begun streaming there.


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