Kakushite! Makina-san!! anime announced – here’s what we know so far

Cover art from the just-published Volume 3

Yoshimi Sato’s Kakushite! Makina-san!! ecchi rom-com manga has gotten an anime adaptation.

The anime was announced earlier today via a new official X account (see below) for the upcoming series. An official website was also unveiled.

Today, by the way, is also the day Volume 3 of the manga it is based on will be published in Japan.

No other information about the ecchi anime has been revealed, except that Kakushite! Makina-san!! is currently scheduled for a 2025 premiere.

The Kakushite! Makina-san!! manga (known as かくして! マキナさん!! in Japanese) itself kicked off in October, 2022 in the seinen manga Monthly Action magazine.

When that magazine, sadly, was shut down in February of this year, the manga was moved to the Web Comic Action website, where its current chapter (its 18th) is now available in Japanese.

The plot of Kakushite! Makina-san!!

In the crazy plot, school idol Makina Agatsuma suddenly moves into the apartment of otaku Eita Akutsu. A fellow high school student who has been in love with her for a long time, but thought he never stood a chance.

As it turns out, though, Makina is actually a robot that was made for sexual purposes.

It’s now up to still-virgin Eita to help her hide her secret, while also fending off her advances at the same time.

We will keep you updated here on Anime Powered as more information about the upcoming anime is released, as this one sounds nuttily fun!

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