KamiErabi GOD.app’s Chika Nojima and Kouki Ama character visuals released

Chika Nojima and Kouki Ama character visuals just as cool as Sawa Honoka, Akitsu Yutaka and Gorou Ono’s

More KamiErabi GOD.app character visuals have been released on the anime’s official Twitter account as it ramps up promotion for the anime’s upcoming October premiere.

This time it is KamiErabi GOD.app‘s Chika Nojima and Kouki Ama character visuals that are joining Sawa Honoka, Akitsu Yutaka and Gorou Ono, whose character visuals we got earlier in the month.

Just like before, the Chika Nojima and Kouki Ama character visuals were created by series character designer Atsushi Ohkubo, and feature the same Day-glo colors on a black background.

They also feature each character holding a mobile phone, just like all the others.

In other words, striking, cool and kind of intriguing, eh?


New Chika Nojima character visual

Along with Chika Nojima’s character visual, we got the description “Chemical reaction of passion and tension “Chika Nojima” — Daily Routine: Chemistry Experiment“.

Koki Ama character visual

The Kouki Ama character visual included the description “Student council president Koki Ama commits to results — Daily routine: Muscle training.”

As far as the plot goes, we still don’t know anything about the KamiErabi GOD.app story, but we are learning little tidbits about each of the main characters.

The upcoming KamiErabi GOD.app anime was created by Yoko Taro (Nier), and is directed by Hiroyuki Shshita (Ajin).

It is due to premiere in Japan in October, with Crunchyroll streaming the anime series outside the country.

Check out the recently released KamiErabi GOD.app trailer below, and see if you can figure out more about the plot than I can.


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