KONOSUBA Season 3 English dub cast includes Arnie Pantoja, Faye Mata, Erica Mendez and Cristina Vee

KONOSUBA, Season 3 gets its English dub this week

With the KONOSUBA, Season 3 English dub now confirmed to be hitting Crunchyroll later today, the dub cast has also been announced for the latest season in the hit isekai anime series.

As you might expect, the same main voice cast is voicing Season 3 just like they have for both previous seasons, plus OVAs, Megumin spin-off, and movie.

Those voice actors for Season 3 are, of course:

Arnie Pantoja who voices Kazuma

Faye Mata who is playing Aqua

Erica Mendez is Megumin

Cristina Vee voices Darkness

Imari Williams back voicing Arakuremono

Kira Buckland returning as Chris

Carrie Keranen who voices Sylvia

Erika Harlacher-Stone plays Luna

Lucien Dodge returns as Dust

Patrick Seitz reprises his role as Beldia

Ryan Bartley as Chomusuke

they are joined by one new KONOSUBA, Season 3 English dub cast member:

Sarah Williams who voices Anraku Shoujo “Tranquility Girl”


The original Japanese version of KONOSUBA, Season 3 premiered on April 10th on Crunchyroll (although Crunchyroll seems to have had a data leak a couple of weeks before that, as Episodes 1 and 2 were available online in March).

There are currently two episodes out, with a third due later on today, along with the newly releasing KONOSUBA, Season 3 English dub.

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As almost always with Crunchyroll, there isn’t an official KONOSUBA, Season 3 English dub trailer out (don’t know why they’re so lazy, and it must really piss off the voice actors), but, you can watch the trailer for the original Japanese voice track released below.

And sorry, I can’t tell you whether the KONOSUBA -God’s blessing on this wonderful world!, Season 3 English dub will be good or not as I only watch the English-subbed versions of anime, but, as the same voice actors have been around for eons, and are fan favorites, I presume they are excellent.


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