Listen to Sasaki and Miyano: Sotsugyō-hen movie soundtrack – it’s as pretty as the original anime series’ music

With the long-awaited Sasaki and Miyano: Sotsugyō-hen movie coming out this Friday (February 17th), it is probably no surprise that Kadokawa and Nippon Columbia is already getting ready for the premiere in a variety of different ways.

One of them is by uploading the Sasaki and Miyano: Sotsugyō-hen soundtrack to all major streaming platforms ahead of time so that, when fans see the movie and love it, they can immediately relive the experience with the gorgeous music that illustrates the emotions that run through it.

Yep, Japanese music publishers are finally realizing just how much fans love anime music, and want to be able to listen to it over and over again.

So, I spent part of my afternoon today listening to the Sasaki and Miyano: Sotsugyō-hen soundtrack in preparation for my viewing of the movie later on this week and, let me tell you, it is just as pretty as the original anime series’ music.

Then again, the soundtrack was composed by the same composer — the incredibly talented Kana Shibue — with the addition of the catchy theme song ‘MARCH‘, which is performed by Miracle Chimpanzee.

The Sasaki and Miyano: Sotsugyō-hen album tracklist, which includes a number of instrumental tracks from the original anime series, looks like this:

1 平野と鍵浦~ある日の朝
2 4月2日
3 それからも、それからも
4 俺じゃダメなの? (TへT)
5 一生懸命で素直な後輩
6 忘れられない冬
7 opening-卒業編-
8 ただのノロケ
9 B<ボーイズ>L<ライフ>
10 ぐるぐるな気持ち
11 触りたい、けど
12 好き・・・なのか?
13 腐男子の妄想
14 いつもより早い電車
15 どうしよう・・・
16 opening~佐々木と宮野~
17 受け? 攻め? 萌え?
18 (・・・///)
19 雨~メインテーマ2~
20 最初にやったの誰だよ
21 二人の傷跡
22 「大丈夫だよ」
23 チョコレート・ハプニング
24 惹かれていく
25 春
26 おなじみの三人組
27 大切な思い出
28 ずっと、これからも
29 MARCH / ミラクルチンパンジー


You can listen to the entire Sasaki and Miyano: Sotsugyō-hen movie soundtrack on the Spotify player below and you should, as it’s damned pretty.

The film itself (in English Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation) is due out in Japan on Friday, February 17th, alongside an anime adaptation of the Hirano and Kagiura spinoff manga.


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