Love Live! Superstar!! English dub cast includes Maddie Matsumoto and Morgan Lea

The Love Live! Superstar!! English dub cast and crew has been announced, and they include a few voice actors anime fans love.

Actors like Maddie Matsumoto (Ilulu in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S and Matsuri Mizusawa in Citrus) who is voicing Chisato.

The wonderful Morgan Lea (Ranga in The Dungeon of Black Company) will also play Kokono.

Other voice actors announced in the Love Live! Superstar!! English dub this week are:

  • Cat Protano as Aria
  • Maddie Matsumoto as Chisato
  • Kristi Rothrock who voices Kanon
  • Luci Christian as Kanon’s Mother
  • Julia Gu voicing Keke
  • Khoi Dao as Manmaru
  • Ryan Bartley as Nanami
  • Natalie Van Sistine voicing Ren
  • Lizzie Freeman voices Sumire
  • Natalie Hoover as Yae

As for the Love Live! Superstar!! English dub crew, they are:

  • Michelle Rojas — Producer
  • Jill Harris and Michelle Rojas — ADR Directors
  • Dakota Strong and Heather Walker — ADR Writers
  • Tyler Walker and Bnny Clinkenbeard — ADR Script Supervisors

The anime-focused website My Anime List describes Love Live! Superstar!! like this:

Everyone has a dream they strive to achieve, and so does the musically talented Kanon Shibuya. However, due to her stage fright, Kanon fails to make it into Yuigaoka Girls’ High School’s music program and instead ends up in the general curriculum.

Even though Kanon makes the conscious decision to quit music altogether, her classmate Tang Keke rekindles Kanon’s passion for music with her own: a passion for school idols.

The original Japanese language release of Love Live! Superstar!! premiered in early July, 2021,

The anime’s 12 episodes ran until mid-October.

Love Live! Superstar!! was very well-received by fans, with the show currently having an 8.00 rating on My Anime List — a very high score from the often picky anime community on that anime-obsessed platform.


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