Mami Nanami is toxic – the worst girl in anime this year (Rent-a-Girlfriend)

Chizuru stands up for Kazuya

When it comes to the worst girl in anime, last year it was Myne, the villainess of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

This year, in all the anime series released so far, there is one girl who stands out as the absolute worst kind of human being.

That girl is most definitely Rent-a-Girlfriend’s Mami Nanami — the toxic ex-girlfriend of protagonist Kazuya Kinoshita — and the one who could easily win the worst girl in anime crown.

Because Mami Nanami is not content to have dumped Kazuya after just a month of dating. After all, moving on and leaving him alone would be kind and Mami certainly is not that.

Instead, just because she doesn’t want him, isn’t it right that she makes sure nobody else wants him either? At least in Mami Nanami’s evil and nasty mind.

Even though Mami doesn’t want Kazuya, she’s going to make sure no other girl does either

Take a look at that awful scene in Rent-a-Girlfriend episode 2, where Mami has realized Kazuya has a gorgeous new girlfriend (rented, but she doesn’t need to know that!) and so does everything she can to destroy the relationship before it even has a chance to get going.

Because in Mami’s warped and nasty mind, everyone at the table in the restaurant Kazuya, his rented girlfriend Chizuru, and his friends are sitting at needs to know about Kazuya’s libido.

As she tells Chizuru in a mean but pseudo joking manner:

But if you’re that cute, you must have a hard time dealing with Kazu-kun’s libido. Y’know, he doesn’t have any experience, He gets this scary look in his eyes sometimes. I wore a miniskirt on a date once and he was all like, “I can’t stand right now”.

Mami continues her supposedly ‘cute’ telling of incidents she experienced while dating Kazuya, while the entire table looks shocked and uncomfortable.

Sadly, nobody stands up for Kazuya including the protagonist himself.

That is until Chizuru decides she does not like Mami, and does not have to put up with what she’s saying about Kazuya either.

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Watch the snippet from the just released second episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend below, and try not to get too angry about Kazuya’s friends, most of whom sit their like stuffed dummies forcing Chizuru to do all the work.

The new Rent-a-Girlfriend anime series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and yes, Mami Nanami is likely to remain the worst girl in anime throughout.


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