March Comes in Like a Lion’s ‘Goodbye Bystander’ by Yuki is gorgeous

Goodbye Bystander‘ by Yuki from March Comes in Like a Lion

One of the most touching anime series I have watched this year is March Comes in Like a Lion.

An anime that follows Rei, a 17-year-old shōgi player who lost both his parents and sister in an accident.

As the story progresses, Rei begins to become friendly with three sisters — the Kawamoto sisters. A family that eventually becomes his second family.

And a group of people who eventually become just as important to him as those he lost.

Along with the superb story and voice acting, and the gorgeous animation, March Comes in Like a Lion also has superb opening songs.

In particular the March Comes in Like a Lion opening song 2 — ‘Goodbye Bystander‘ by Yuki (aka Sayonara Bystander).

A song that not only has a beautiful melody, but also has such touching lyrics. Lyrics that are perfect for the story of Rei and the sad beginning to his life.

Especially the last chorus:

Farewell, Bystander! We’ll start walking from here.
No matter if this road will take us to Heaven… or somewhere not even close!
I want to laugh with you and stand by your side, just as you are!
I’ll gather up all our pride, wishes, and dreams—
Keeping them in abundance, always on hand!
I’ll protect you, I’ll protect you— I’ll offer you my everything!
I swear it, with you standing here before my eyes!

Listen to the gorgeous and incredibly heart-warming March Comes Like a Lion opening song 2 — ‘Goodbye Bystander’ by Yuki — in the short version from the opening of the anime series below, and in the full version below that.

And, if you love this anime song as much as I do, you must watch Yuki Isoya’s official music video for ‘Sayonara Bystander‘ below that.

It is absolutely stunning.


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