Mitsuboshi Colors OP ‘Leave it to Colors’ Power!’ expresses what it’s like to be a child

I will say it up front. I did not enjoy Mitsuboshi Colors, the 12-part anime series from Japanese studio Silver Link that was released in 2018.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I could absolutely appreciate that the studio was able to perfectly illustrate exactly what it is like living in the world of a child.

So much so, it made me remember my childhood days and how I behaved just like ‘the Colors’ at that same age. (Most of us did, I think!)

The animation was beautifully done, the Mitsuboshi Colors character design was adorable and the artwork was stunning. Some of the most beautiful artwork I have seen in an anime in the last couple of years in fact.

In other words, from an artistic stance, I could absolutely get on board with how beautifully and flawlessly the anime was created.

What I did not enjoy about Mitsuboshi Colors though was the characters — Yui, Sat-chan, and Kotoha. Because, just like most real children, they really were supremely annoying.

So much so, I found myself shouting at my computer screen as I watched the Colors behaving inappropriately at the zoo, insisting on climbing over barriers blocking off alleys and, thus, spreading wet paint everywhere with their shoes, and generally being loud and obnoxious.

Yes, that is how real children behave. It doesn’t mean I have to like it :).

 ‘Colors Power ni Omakasero!’ (カラーズぱわーにおまかせろ!,’Leave it to Colors’ Power!’

But, one thing I did adore about the anime series was the Mitsuboshi Colors opening theme song — ‘Colors Power ni Omakasero!’ (カラーズぱわーにおまかせろ!,’Leave it to Colors’ Power!’).

A song that perfectly expressed the feel of the series — the excitement of being a child, the wonder of creating your own world around you, the awe a child often experiences when they learn something an adult takes for granted.

‘Leave it to Colors’ Power!‘ has a catchy melody, and a fun, upbeat feel.

It is a song you will hear on the first episode of Mitsuboshi Colors, and already be able to sing along to it by the next, as it’s melody quickly gets stuck in your brain.


‘Leave it to Colors’ Power!‘ is sung by Colors☆Slash (aka Yūki Takada, Marika Kouno, and Natsumi Hioka), the three voice actors that play the parts of main characters Yui, Sat-chan, and Kotoha.

That fact should also explain to you just how talented a Japanese voice actor has to be to have success in the anime business.

After all, they are not only expected to be able to bring an anime character to life so perfectly those watching believe they are real, but they are also expected to be able to sing.

Listen to ‘Leave it to Colors’ Power!‘ by Colors☆Slash in the video below.

And do also appreciate just how gorgeous that anime introduction and artwork is even if, like me, you were not an enormous fan of the Mitsuboshi Colors anime itself.

If you are in one of a limited number of countries, you can watch all 12 episodes of Mitsuboshi Colors on HIDIVE.


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