Mou Ippon! manga gets anime adaptation — more judo girls Michi and Sanae coming our way, yay!

Now this is something to be excited about if you enjoy cute girls doing cute things — an anime adaptation of Yuu Muraoka’s Mou Ippon! (aka “Ippon”, again!) has just been announced in the latest issue of the Weekly Shounen Champion magazine.

The manga follows Michi Sonoda, who ends her last judo match as she graduates from middle school with the vow her judo days are now over.

But, as soon as she begins high school, she is persuaded by her friend Sanae to help her save the school’s judo club.

The club has been recently closed down due to only having one member, and nobody else being interested in joining.

The term ‘ippon’, by the way, means winning with either one move or one point.

Something the girls of Mou Ippon! plan to do often.

No word yet on who is producing or directing the upcoming Mou Ippon! anime, but we will keep you posted as soon as information is released.

Update: Mou Ippon! is being produced by Bakken Record studios (Pandora to Akubi), and directed by Jun Soga (director of Pandora to Akubi).

The action fantasy drama stars Sally Amaki, Yui Ogura and Kenjirou Tsuda.

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