Mr. Villain’s Day Off opening theme ‘Yuuho’ by Ivudot is a quirky banger – watch the cool video

One of the first things you may notice when you watch the new anime series Mr. Villain’s Day Off is just how incredibly cool the theme song turned out to be.

That theme song is Japanese singer Ivudot’s ‘Yuuho‘ (遊歩) (titled ‘Walk‘ in English), and it is a track that is funky and quirky, and illustrates the anime’s opening animation perfectly.

An opening animation that features the titular Mr. Villain (aka Warumono-san) as he spends his day off walking to get a coffee, eating a creamy sweet dessert topped with a whipped panda treat and, of course, visiting the zoo where he visits his favorite exhibit — the panda house — then buys a panda plushy.

We also get to meet the anime’s cool supporting cast, including rangers Blue, Black, Red Dawn and Pink Daybreak, and twins Sora and Mugi.

All accompanied, of course, by Ivudot’s mellow and smooth opening theme song.

Ivudot’s ‘Yuuho‘ also comes with an official but quite simple music video, which has the singer on a Tokyo rooftop before he heads out of town and to a deserted beach.

The song itself was officially released on digital platforms on January 10th via Universal Magic, and is currently streaming on Spotify with the video on YouTube. (Listen and watch below)

Who is Japanese singer Ivudot?

Ivudot (aka いゔどっと) is what the Japanese call an ituaite — someone who uploads videos of themselves singing covers of popular songs to the Internet.

The singer got his start on the Japanese video site Niconico back in 2011 under the name Ivu. and, since then, has earned hundreds of millions of views under his Ivu. and Ivudot names.

Nowadays, however, he uploads on both Niconico and on his YouTube channel, and is also now signed to Universal Music.

Listen to Ivudot’s ‘Yuuho‘, the incredibly cool Mr. Villain’s Day Off theme song, in the Japanese singer’s just released music video for the song below, as well as via Spotify.

The first episode of the warm and comfy Mr. Villain’s Day Off anime (aka Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san in Japan) is now streaming on Crunchyroll (for Premium members only), with the second one due out on Monday, January 15th.


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