My Senpai is Annoying manga coming to an end – hoping for happy ending for Igarashi and Takeda

Japanese publishing company Ichijinsha has just announced via their X account that the My Senpai is Annoying manga is coming to an end.

They also reminded fans that Volume 12 of the Shiro Manta-written manga will be out on May 24th, with the following volume — My Senpai is Annoying, Volume 13 — being the manga’s final volume.

No word yet, though, on when Volume 13 will hit.

But, while I will miss the wonderful Igarashi and Takeda, here’s hoping for a happy ending for the pair, eh?

The My Senpai is Annoying manga beginnings

Volume 1 of the My Senpai is Annoying manga series came out in Japan on March 28th, 2018 and had eight volumes out in Japanese by the time its anime adaptation began airing in October, 2021.

All 11 volumes of the Japanese version of the hit office comedy /rom-com series are currently published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment, with the American publisher releasing Volume 12 of My Senpai is Annoying in English on December 17th.

Quite a bit later than its Japanese counterpart, but there ya go.

The publisher describes the first volume of the comedy manga like this:

Igarashi Futuba’s new job would be great if her senpai, Takeda Harumi, wasn’t so incredibly annoying!

Futuba hates his laugh, she hates how big he is, and she really hates that he treats her like a little kid. Just because Futuba is short and looks young doesn’t make her a kid, and just because she spends so much time with Takeda doesn’t mean she sees him as anything but an annoying senpai…or does she?!

The My Senpai is Annoying anime series

Alongside the manga, we also got a superb 12-episode My Senpai is Annoying anime series via Doga Koba that aired from October to December, 2021.

Most of us are still waiting for Season 2.

If you haven’t yet watched it, that anime series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, in both dubbed and subbed versions. (Trailer below)

And, if you do watch the anime, and don’t want to read past the same spot in the manga after it ends as you don’t want to spoil a possible Season 2, here’s where you can safely read to in the manga.

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