New A Sign of Affection trailer has Yuki and Itsuomi’s relationship developing (Video)

My most-anticipated anime series of the Winter 2023 season is the upcoming shoujo anime A Sign of Affection, as the manga it is based on is one of my favorites of the year.

And even more so now a new and utterly lovely A Sign of Affection trailer has been released that gives us a quick look into the world of Yuki Itose and Itsuomi Nagi.

A trailer that shows one of Yuki and Itsuomi’s first meetings, and then their relationship developing, despite what one of Yuki’s friends (with possible ulterior motives) says to her about it.

The new A Sign of Affection trailer also features a quick snippet of the anime’s opening theme song ‘Yuki no Ne‘ (雪の音, aka ‘The Sound of Snow‘), which is performed by the Japanese rock band Novelbright.

What is A Sign of Affection about?

Based on the popular, and absolutely superb, manga series of the same name ( ゆびさきと恋々 in Japanese) by suu Morishita, A Sign of Affection tells the story of Yuki, a deaf university student who suddenly comes face to face with silver-haired Itsuomi on a train.

Itsuomi is a free-spirited student who is multi-lingual, and who spends just as much time traveling all over the world as he does sitting in university classes.

For Yuki, who has never been in a relationship before, Itsuomi is like a magical being as his world, and the way he is able to navigate it without fear or shyness, is so antithetical to the way she lives her own life.

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Soon, as they come across each other more and more, Yuki and Itsuomi find themselves drawn to each other, as Itsuomi’s openness begins to change Yuki and the way she thinks and behaves.

Kodansha is publishing the A Sign of Affection manga series in English, with 7 volumes currently out (there are 10 in Japanese with the latest one being published on Wednesday).

When is A Sign of Affection premiering?

The A Sign of Affection anime series is being directed by Yuuta Murano (Kakushigoto), with series composition by Youko Yonaiyama (Uma Musume: Pretty Derby), and Kasumi Sakai (key animation for Fairy Tail) designing the characters.

Anime production is by Ajia-do Animation Works (Kemon Jihen/Kakushigoto/Revenger).

The anime series is due to premiere on January 6th in Japan, with Crunchyroll streaming it internationally soon after.

Now watch the just released new A Sign of Affection trailer, and then tell me this one doesn’t look utterly lovely and hella sweet!


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