New Delico’s Nursery trailer focuses on vampire murders and a plot full of intrigue

The upcoming vampire-themed anime Delico’s Nursery got a new teaser trailer earlier today.

This time, instead of focusing on the kids or telling the history of the Delicos, it shows aristocratic vampire family the Delicos worrying about a series of murders that have targeted their own.

As is mentioned in the new Delico’s Nursery trailer, head of the family Dali Delico, along with other family members, are concerned the legendary bloodsucker Trump may be involved.

As with the other Delico’s Nursery trailers, the stylized art makes the anime far more unique than others in the vampire genre, while the suspenseful plot makes this one look intriguing.

What is Delico’s Nursery about?

The anime is based on a series of stage plays called Trump,which were written by Kenichi Suemitsu.

He is also in charge of series composition and scripts for the anime, and is designing the characters.

According to the anime’s official website, the plot goes something like this:

The “Blood Council,” the supreme governing body of the vampire species, orders him to carry out a mission, but Dalí refuses. Gerhard, Dino, and Enrique, who are all members of the same council, go to persuade him, but when they arrive they discover Dalí by himself, and nursing a young child.

Meanwhile, a series of mysterious murders targeting vampire species are occurring in the city. There seems to be a past connection between Pendulum, an anti-social organization that is likely to be behind the murders, and Dali. ……

Delico’s Nursery is a story of the nobles of the vampire species’ struggling to raise their children in a noblesse oblige world. Can they balance the slapdash child-rearing that takes place with that magnificent Gothic world?

Especially as, once former immortals, they are now as able to die as any human. Something that sticks in the craw, considering the fabled Trump — the origin of every vampire — is now the only vampire still supposedly holding onto ever-lasting life.

Delico’s Nursery is being animated by J.C. Staff (Bakuman), and is directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori (A Certain Magical Index).

Shunsuke Wada is composing the soundtrack.

Previously released Delico’s Nursery key visual

And Delico’s Nursery is an interesting anime as, unlike the Japanese who seem to be conversant with Trump due to a series of plays, short stories and concerts, and with an almost cult-like interest in it, it is a completely new franchise here in the west.

But definitely one that, with its interesting art style and suggestions of a deliciously mysterious story populated by a bevy of good-looking young men, could become another object of obsession for a subset of the anime fandom.

Watch the just-released third Delico’s Nursery teaser trailer and you will see.

The anime itself is scheduled to premiere as part of the Summer, 2024 anime season some time in July, 2024.


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