New KamiErabi trailer hints about ‘influencers’ and a ‘Battle Royale’ plot

Protagonist Gorou tells us more about the plot of the upcoming KamiErabi anime in new trailer

The latest KamiErabi trailer is finally giving us some hints on what the plot of the upcoming original anime series is likely to entail.

According to the notes on the YouTube video, the plot features “A fetish battle royale battle between Kami-sama candidates (influencers) with secrets”.

Hell, I’ll take it, because that sounds like fun.

The new KamiErabi trailer also features a voice over by protagonist Gorou Ono, who is complaining that he may not be the right person for the job:

“First of all, the story I am about to tell you isn’t a very pleasant story. There are no heroes, and no romance. There is no victory. It isn’t even a moving story. It’s just a really, really stupid story. So at least I want you to laugh at it.” (He’s talking to himself)

“But, that is also impossible. So I want you to deny that you are the chosen one. After all, I became a god that day, but the worst of the worst thing happened. I cannot save anyone.

Talking about miracles, what the hell is a God anyway?”

All I can say is the more that is released about the KamiErabi anime, the more I am intrigued by it.

KamiErabi was created by Yoko Taro (Nier), and is directed by Hiroyuki Seshita (Ajin).

JIN is in charge of series composition and scripts, with those fabulous character designs from Atsushi Ohkubo (Fire Force).

Studio Unend is in charge of anime production.

As it stands right now, the KamiErabi anime series is due to premiere some time in October, with Crunchyroll streaming it outside Japan.

Now feast your eyes on the just-released new KamiErabi trailer below because, hell, this looks amazing so far, doesn’t it?

You can also learn more about the anime via its official website.

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