New Mahjong Soul Kan!! trailer intros main voice actors, their characters and its theme song

New Mahjong Soul Kan!! trailer also previews anime theme song ‘Kan Kan Hime Hime

The latest trailer for the highly anticipated web anime Mahjong Soul Kan!!, a crazy and cute anime shorts series based on the popular free-to-play video game Mahjong Soul!, has just been released.

The upcoming anime is the sequel to the popular ‘Mahjong Soul Pon☆‘, the first season of the television anime adaptation of the game, which premiered in April 2022.

Along with the new Mahjong Soul Kan!! trailer, we also got details about the anime’s official theme song, which you can hear in the trailer, and its streaming schedule.

The catchy theme song, ‘Kankan Hime-hime‘, is performed by talented voice actors Maaya Uchida as Ichihime, Chiwa Saito as Miki Nikaido, Mariya Ise as Kaguyahime, and Ami Koshimizu as Yui Yagi, who all do a wonderful job staying true to their characters’ personas.

Mahjong Soul Kan!! is being directed by Kazuomi Koga (Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible), who is also in charge of series composition, and with those incredibly vibrant and cute character designs created by Ayumi Kurokawa.

New anime studio Alke is in charge of anime production, with this being their first ever project.

The anime’s main voice actors are also reprising their roles for the second season.

When and where does Mahjong Soul Kan!! premiere?

Mahjong Soul Kan!! will premiere on its official YouTube channel at 10:00 pm (JST) on April 25th, 2024, and will then be available on several international streaming platforms beginning on May 1st.

And, if you think the first season was quirky, cute and more than a little nuts, wait till Mahjong Soul Kan!! kicks off as, this time, we get to see the Jyanshis attempting to start a live streaming business and, in a strange turn of events, even get caught up in a war between delinquents!

Yep, I’m sure all of that will end well.

Watch the just released new Mahjong Soul Kan!! trailer below.

It intros all the main characters and their voice actors, as well as gives you a good look at what you can expect when this zany anime shorts series premieres its second season.


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