New ‘The Dawn of the Witch’ key visual features Saybil, Hort, Loux, Zero, Mercenary and Minister

A new The Dawn of the Witch key visual was released today in promotion for the upcoming action adventure fantasy anime.

The visual features Saybil, Hort and Loux Krystas in the foreground, backed by Zero and her bodyguard Mercenary of Grimoire of Zero fame, and Minister. Check it out below.

The Dawn of the Witch anime is based on the light novel and manga by Kakeru Kobashiri, the author of Grimoire of Zero.

It is a somewhat sequel to that anime so let’s hope we get to continue the journey of Zero and Mercenary. and not spend the whole anime concentrating on new characters Saybil, Hort and Loux Krystas, eh? (Because, man, I loved that show).

New cast members announced along with new The Dawn of the Witch key visual

They were announced along with their character designs (see top of page), and are:

Yumiri Hanamori, who returns as Zero (aka The Witch of Muddy Darkness here)

Masaaki Yano, who is sadly taking over the role of Mercenary (I loved Tsuyoshi Koyama in the original role)

Masaaki Mizunaka voicing Minister

They join the already announced cast members:

Shuichiro Umeda who is voicing Saybil

Miho Okasaki, who plays Loux Krystas

Sayumi Suzuhiro as Hort

Taku Yashiro as Kudo

The Dawn of the Witch anime is being directed by Satoshi Kuwabara (Girlfriend, Girlfriend), with original author Kakeru Kobashiri herself alongside Mayumi Morita writing scripts, and Rena Iwasaki as character designer.

The anime is set to premiere in April.


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