Non Non Biyori’s opening song ‘Nanairo Biyori’ is addictive and so is the anime


I watch huge amounts of Japanese anime every month. So much so, some of the songs from my favorite anime series now play on repeat as I do my daily speed-walking.

One of those songs is Non Non Biyori‘s opening theme song ‘Nanairo Biyori‘ sung by nano.RIPE, a track that is one of the most upbeat, cutest things.


Non Non Biyori‘s ‘Nanairo Biyori‘ sung by nano.RIPE

Nanairo Biyori‘ is one I actually only discovered yesterday myself, when Crunchyroll uploaded the Non Non Biyori opening song ‘Nanairo Biyori‘ from season 1 of the popular slice of life series.

Because, weirdly, the Non Non Biyori anime series had completely evaded my radar up until then, and so had its opening song.

Of course I rectified that immediately, as I have just finished watching episode 8 of the first season of the anime, and ‘Nanairo Biyori‘ sung by Japanese music duo nano.RIPE is now firmly fixed in my brain.

Because that song is just the sweetest, happiest thing.


As for Non Non Biyori, the first season of the anime series aired in late 2013, with the second showing up in 2015.

A film — Non Non Biyori Vacation — also aired in August last year, and season three is currently in development.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, but love a good slice of life show, you really should give it a try.

The animation is gorgeous, each character is beautifully written so you become attached to them quickly, the story-lines are interesting, the humor is laugh-out-loud funny (during episode 5 of the first season, I couldn’t breathe I laughed so hard), and the music is lovely.

Yes, I am a sucker for slice of life anime series, and have watched many, but this one is right up there at the top for me.

Listen to the Non Non Biyori opening song ‘Nanairo Biyori‘, and watch the show’s cute opening animation, in the video below.

And, if you want to hear more, you will find the closing song from the first season– ‘Non Non Biyori‘ sung by ZAQ — below as well.


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