Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Vol 1 out this month – best apocalypse-themed story in a long time

Now here is something I have been waiting for — the official English language publication of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint paperback edition.

It is a webtoon/manhwa written by singNsong and illustrated by Sleepy-C, and one of the best apocalypse-themed stories out there right now.

And now, after devouring all 180 currently available episodes on Webtoon (as of earlier this week), my wish is coming true this month as Yen Press is finally publishing the paperback of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Volume 1 in English.

And with Volume 2 of the very long series already scheduled to be published in March, 2024.


The Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Volume 1 cover art

What is Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint about?

The webtoon follows office worker Dokja Kim who, after struggling at work every day, rushes home to read an obscure online novel that is so little-known, he is now the only reader.

It is a novel he has read and obsessed over every day since middle school but, now an adult in his late 20s, it is the day the novel finally comes to an end.

To Dokja’s surprise, though, as he sits on the train home reading the novel’s last chapter, the events of the apocalyptic novel begin to come true… and soon the world, as everyone knows it, ends.

With Dokja the only person who knows what will happen next, it is now up to him to stop being a passive reader and, instead, to try to change the plot of the story.

For the better.

The English language Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Volume 1 paperback edition is due out via Yen Press on December 12th.

It will be 252 pages in length, in full color, and just the precursor of a gripping story illustrated with gorgeous art you will not only not be able to put down, but will read again and again.

You can pre-order the English language Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Volume 1 paperback edition via Yen Press now.

If you do, they are currently knocking $5 off the $20 cover price to celebrate the webtoon’s publication.

Meanwhile, if you love a good apocalypse-themed story with well-written and beautifully developed characters, and a truly crazy plot, watch the short Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint trailer and, I guarantee, you will frantically be clicking on that Yen Press link to buy it once it ends.

And, of course, if digital is more your thing, you can read/buy the hit webtoon via Webtoon.


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