Petit Rabbit’s’ ‘Daydream Cafe’ is the best ‘Is the Order a Rabbit?’ song say Japanese fans

If you are a fan of the Japanese anime Is the Order a Rabbit?, you probably know just how many songs are featured in the franchise — loads!

With so many anime songs heard on the series then, the official website decided to run a Japan-wide competition to see which of the songs played on the anime were fan favorites.

Out of the 30 songs on the list, Petit Rabbit’s ‘Daydream Cafe was voted the best one.

No surprise really as it is cute, upbeat and a very happy sounding song. And oh so adorable.

Interestingly too, it seems it does not matter how many more songs the Is the Order a Rabbit? series features in subsequent seasons as Petit Rabbit’s ‘Daydream Cafe’ was the OP for the very first season.

The song is apparently so good then, it has stuck in fans’ heads irregardless of what came after it.

The Top 3 Is the Order a Rabbit? songs in the competition, by the way, were:

  1. Petit Rabbit’s ‘Daydream Cafe
  2. Petit Rabbit’s ‘No Poi!‘ (the OP from Season 2)
  3. Petit Rabbit’s feat. beans ‘Sekai ga Cafe ni Nacchatta! (Dear My Sister theme song)

And yes, there are other artists that have created music for Is the Order a Rabbit?, but Petit Rabbit’s songs seems to have grabbed most fans’ hearts.

Listen to Petit Rabbit’s ‘Daydream Cafe‘ in both the audio video below and in the adorably cute live action video below that. You can watch both seasons of Is the Order a Rabbit? on Crunchyroll.

As for my all-time favorite Is the Order a Rabbit? song? — Japan’s #2 — Petit Rabbit’s ‘No Poi‘.


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