Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle 2nd key visual released and it’s beautiful

The official website for Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle released the second key visual for the upcoming new anime series yesterday, (see above).

The visual shows Iris, Queen of Light, standing in a gorgeous garden.

The series is based on the Shironeko Project hack and slash mobile phone game (Rune Story in English), and is currently planned to premiere in April, 2020.

It will adapt the ‘Zero Chronicle: Hajimari no Tsumi‘ special event that commemorated the game’s third anniversary back in 2017, and is being written and directed by Masato Jinbo, with character design by Yousuke Okuda and animation by Project No. 9.

The cast for the anime series, so far, is:

Faios: Shougo Batori
Sima: Chise Nakamura
Teo: Takuya Iwabata
Alantia: Kensuke Matsui
Valas: Katsuyuki Miura
Groza: Una Nagisa
Skears: Atsuyoshi Miyazaki
Adelle: Kengo Takanashi
Yami no Ou: Susumu Akagi
Bal: Shouzou Iizuka

You can check out the Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle teaser trailer below.


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