Smile Down the Runway key visual is gorgeous and the anime a fashionista’s dream

The new anime series Smile Down the Runway will begin airing in Japan in January, 2020 and, from the release of the trailer and the key visual, this one looks like it will be a fashionista’s dream.

After all, not only is the Smile Down the Runway key visual absolutely gorgeous, it also gives the viewer a good sense of how stylish this new fashion-related anime series will be.

Throw in the few scenes we can see on the video trailer, and it also appears director Nobuyoshi Nagayama has taken his job seriously when it comes to showing what being in high fashion is really like, as the anime looks extremely authentic.

Smile Down the Runway (aka Runway de Waratte in Japan) is based on the manga series by Kotoba Inoya and tells the story of Chiyuki Fujito, a young girl who has always wanted to be a fashion model.

The problem is she is too short.

The TV anime is being animated by Ezo’la (Are You Lost? and Happy Sugar Life), and will air on Japan’s BS-TBS on January 10th, 2020.

Check out the Smile Down the Runway trailer below.  It is in Japanese without English subtitles, but you can at least get an idea of how stylish it is likely to be, as well as how dramatic.

Keep up to date on the anime series’ official website.


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