The Irregular at Magic High School S3 Ancient City Insurrection Arc trailer drops

The Irregular at Magic High School Ancient City Insurrection Arc kicks off next week

The Ancient City Insurrection Arc will kick off in Season 3 of The Irregular at Magic High School on May 31st so, of course, a new trailer just dropped giving us some idea of what we can expect.

The trailer was released on the anime’s official X account, with the tagline “The final destination of this fate is Kyoto“.

Along with the latest The Irregular at Magic High School, Season 3 trailer we also got a new key visual. (see below)

From the visuals released and the trailer, all I can say is I’m thrilled that it appears Masaki Ichijou (beautifully voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) will be getting more air time, as he hardly appeared in the Steeplechase Arc.

Meanwhile, many fans are complaining about the pacing of Season 3, which has crammed so much into its current eight episodes, you end up forgetting what you have just watched.

Some are even begging Studio 8bit to “slow down” and treat the source material properly.

I can’t say I disagree.

The Irregular at Magic High School light novels

Like the first two seasons, The Irregular at Magic High School, Season 3 is based on the webseries-turned-light-novel-series by Tsutomu Satō.

It is currently being published in English by Yen Press, who have just published Volume 22 this week. (The Japanese series has 32 total volumes).

They say this about the novels’ plot:

The year is 2095. Magic has been tamed as another form of technology, and the practice of magic is now a rigorous discipline.

Brother and sister Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are just about to start their first year at the renowned First Magic High School of Japan.

But the school’s ironclad rules mean that the brilliant Miyuki enters the prestigious Course 1, while her older brother, Tatsuya, is relegated to Course 2–and that’s just the beginning of their troubles!

You can watch the first eight episodes of The Irregular at Magic High School, Season 3 on Crunchyroll now, while waiting for the Ancient City Insurrection Arc next week.

Check out the new trailer below because, yep, it looks like fun although similarly as breathless as the rest of the season so far.


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